Olivia O'Hanlon

Olivia O'Hanlon

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Olivia O’Hanlon has over 20 years experience of singing at weddings. Through the period Olivia has created stylish arrangements of timeless & contemporary songs offering something for all musical tastes while still in keeping with the tone and ambience of the occasion.

Set the tone of your whole day. The first impact you make on your guests is within your ceremony. The quality of musical and vocals you provide in the church can turn a simple wedding ceremony into a wonderful and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Whether you want a big white wedding, a civil ceremony or a blessing. Olivia would be delighted to sit with you and guide you in choosing music that will compliment and enhance your special day! With her broad repertoire of songs, there is something for everyone’s taste and Olivia’s experience as an established passionate performer, together with your guidance, will create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere.

So while you are busy taking those memorable photographs you can rest assured that your guests are being entertained as we gently serenade them creating the perfect atmosphere in which to relax and mingle.



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