The Curly Bobs

The Curly Bobs

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Let the music do the talking……

The Curlybobs deliver the perfect blend of your favourite music, incorporating professional musicianship and stage presence into a dynamic and engaging performance. Your guests will undoubtedly find our music familiar and entertaining. There is nothing more compelling than live music to make your event successful and memorable!

The musicians in the Curlybobs have extensive performing experience.  We can easily customise our repertoire to suit your needs, ranging from soft ballads to driving dance music to good ould country.  The Curlybobs have diverse musical abilities and each member can play multiple instruments at a professional level: this reflects in the band’s dynamic performance.

The Curlybobs will give you and your guests both a LIVE  BAND and DJ  experience!.  The result is a smooth transition from Band to DJ, keeping the party going, without a lengthy delay that would occur if a DJ has to set up.

That’s enough about us, more important is you.  We have a policy that we are there for one reason and one reason only, that you and every single one of your guests has a great evening’s entertainment and music was played to suit all ages, from the 6 year old page boy to the 90 year old proud grandmother.

So, the proof is in the pudding, don’t take our word for it, come along to one of our performances and see for yourself.   And, finally as we said at the start….Let the music do the talking!



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